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Forthcoming Events


Wed 5 EGAC AGM Margaretting Village Hall
Sun 16 28th Racketts Christmas Worcester

January 2019

Wed 9 ECAA Council Meeting Margaretting Village Hall Start 8pm
Sun 13 Rayleigh Town Portsmouth
Sun 27 Raydon Hall Indoor American

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ECAA Notice of AGM and Nomination Forms

This is the formal notification of the AGM, to be held at Marconi Athletic Club, Chelmsford on Saturday 16th February 2019, along with the minutes of last year's meeting.

Part of the AGM is the allocation of awards and the election of Executive and none Executive posts, from nominations by clubs.

Full details along with the descriptions of the awards and nomination froms are at this link.


Recent Losses at Ardleigh

Sadly, I have to inform you of the deaths of two of our members, Maureen Fursedonne and Jann Watchman.

Maureen died earlier this month after a quite long illness and will be much missed. Maureen’s funeral will be on 11thJanuary, 2019 at 2.15 pm at Forest Park Crematorium (IG6 3HP). Flowers are fine if people wish, but I think Barry would prefer donations to St. Francis Hospice if people can.

Jann has been our Club’s Treasurer for all the years I’ve known her and has been with our Club since the early 60s. Much involved with husband Jim in helping to organise our Club and with Essex too, Jann’s done a marvellous job. She died on Boxing Day at Queens Hospital after what was mercifully a short and unexpected illness and when I have further details I will let you know.

Michael Bell
Hon. Secretary, The Bowmen of Ardleigh


West Essex duo shine at JNIC.

Two West Essex Junior Bowmen members headed off to NAEC at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire in early December to compete at the ArcheryGB Junior National Indoor Championships for the first time.

Both Ella Clampin & Amelia Chumber were to compete in the Junior Ladies U14 age group but in different categories - Ella was shooting in the recurve category while Amelia was entered in the barebow catergory.

They shot fantastically and both came away with Bronze.

Well done and for more information on their day follow this link.

Congratulations Debbie

Congratulations to Debbie Horn (county secretary), on successfully completing and passing her County Coaching assessment.

The County Coaching process is an intensive 18 months, and so takes real dedication to be awarded this acolade.

Many many congratulations to Debbie.


Alex Purser.

Southend Electricity Archery Club

It is with regret that I have to inform you that the above club ceased to exist as from 30th September 2018 and is now closed.

We have survived for a number of years with just two remaining members but decided from this new archery year to fully merge with Rayleigh Town Archery Club who have kindly provided us with indoor and outdoor facilities over these years.


Roger Brown (Secretary SEAC)

Is John the Oldest Archer in Essex?

On 26th September members of Abbey Bowmen gathered at their indoor barn venue to celebrate and wish John Farrant a Happy 90th Birthday.

He even brought along his bow to shoot after having some cake and a glass of shandy, as he still enjoys shooting his recurve bow as much as he can.



John is also the clubs longest standing member for almost 37 years (next February).

John must be one of if not the the oldest active archer in Essex and probably the UK!! 


Joe Cordaro

p.s. If you know an archer who is older than John then let us know!


"Our Hon. President, Tom Hall was 93 last month.  Together with his late brother Jack, Tom was one of the founders of The Bowmen of Ardleigh in 1953.  They were both also at the inaugural meeting of the Essex County Archery Association.
Tom has been shooting regularly ever since and long may two so now he has a new knee!  Tom's always played an active role in helping to run Ardleigh and attends (except when he's away, holidaying, usually somewhere exotic) every committee meeting, where his advice is always welcome.
Long may he continue to do so!
Michael Bell
Bowmen of Ardleigh

Daisy Clark at World Field Champs

Once again Daisy Clark steps out of the airport and takes a breath of air.

Yeah she’s here, Cortina, in the northern Italian mountains and this time she means business.

She is shooting for the GB field team in the world field archery championships, and will have to shoot 24 targets on an unmarked course and 24 on a marked course.

 Then they shoot against each other in rounds where one person of the pair is knocked out until you have the final four.

Daisy shot her seasons best of 395 out of 432 on the unmarked course; shot well on the marked course despite the bad weather and qualified in 12th position.

She had a bye in the first round, came into play in the second round and won her match but unfortunately lost in the third round. They did have the fun of a massive dog stopping play as it ran free from its owner. Her dreams of making it to the final fell short. But now she could cheer on her mates and enjoy being in another country.

She got to travel up to the top of the mountain today but of course they went in a cable car.


The views were unbelievable and breath taking, but I’m sure they are nicer in person. But they will make it back down the mountain in time to support their team mate Naomi and William who is shooting in the final. Well done to those who represented their country, and good luck.

Daisy would like to thank the ECAA for their continuing support.

By Holly Clark

p.s Jake won the Junior Gents Recurve and Naomi won silver -

Essex Girl on world tour !!!

For those of you who are unaware between the 14th and the 18th August this year World Archery held the first Masters world championships in Lausanne Switzerland. There were age categories from 40 to 49, 50 to 59, 60 to 69 and 70 and above, with the 50 -59 being the offical World masters age catagony. Archers from all over the world attended this very popular “first of its kind competition” just for Archery.

As Wendie King from Mayflower Archers says:-

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend, with my husband Tony as coach! and it was, without doubt, the best competition I have ever entered. The friendliness of the competitors, the standard of shooting, some archers having represented their countries in the Olympics in their younger days! others having never competed before hand the professionalism of the team organising and judging the event was extraordinary.

I would encourage any archer of any standard ( and of a certain age) to experience a World masters event if they are lucky enough to get the opportunity!! I would like to thank every archer that I met over the few days for their sportsmanship, kindness and generosity.

Wendie has written of her experience in this article - and yes being in Switzerland there was chocolate.

You can also read this article on the World Archery Web Site

Edie Brown - Obituary

People will be saddened to learn that one of our former members, Edie Brown has died. George and Edie joined us, together with Albert Fenton and Joan towards the end of the 70’s and always took an active part in our doings. George was 90 this year and Edie was 88. Always gregarious, Edie would talk to anybody and everybody knew Edie, wherever you happened to be.

A group of us went out for the day in a bunch down to Tom Foy’s Archery Shop at Hawkhurst in Kent to get their first set of equipment, which is when we got the first “Tom Foy Trophy”. Happy days and I’m sure there will have been a meal somewhere just to round things off.

I picked this picture, taken on a visit to a miniature railway, from Facebook because of the label on the carriage where Edie and George are standing seemed very apposite. Edie was a lady in every sense of the word and will be very much missed by all who knew her. When we have the details of when and where Edie’s service will be I’ll let people know.

Michael Bell, Bowmen of Ardleigh


Edie's funeral service will be at the South East Essex Crematorium, Ockendon Road, Upminster on Tuesday 28th August, 2018 at 2.40pm.


Edie loved flowers but if you'd prefer to donate to a charity then her favourite one is the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).  Either would be equally acceptable.


If you are sending flowers these should go directly to West & Co. at Dagenham, not to the house.

Essex Ladies on Tour

The GNAM is the oldest archery meeting run by AGB which started in 1854 and is held every year over 3 days of competition at Lilleshall National Sports Centre.

This year a group of Essex Ladies (and a few men as well) attended and won many of the fantastic trophies which are available for the event.

Suzi Atkinson, Wendie King, Jes Sagoo and Emma Winning shot under very hot and windy conditions but as you can see their efforts were worth it.

After shooting for 3 days the Ladies stayed on as part of the Essex and Suffolk Team at the National Team County Championships - details of how well they and the other teams did will be available soon.

More pictures of silverware available in this article

Coaching Archers with Different Learning Needs

Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and ADHD are all types of learning difficulties that all coaches will come across throughout their coaching career. These learning difficulties were explained in a well-informed, well presented lecture given by Anna Heaven, county coach, at an EGAC meeting organised by Chris Buckley, EGAC secretary, on the 20th June.

Anna highlighted the various problems that coaches will meet during sessions and presented ideas on the best practice in helping people to achieve their goals through the archery session. Members who didn’t attend the meeting missed out on valuable information learned that evening.

Dyslexia, for instance, is not just about mixing letters/numbers but they are also unable to distinguish left from right, unable remember given information and have difficulty comprehending instructions easily. Each one of these types have their own tribulations but they all have these connecting factors, difficulty with social interaction, unable to communicate effectively and lack of social awareness. All problems that coaches need to be aware off.

These EGAC events are a valued source of information and worth making the effort to attend as there is always something to learn.

I would like to thank Anna for an excellent talk, Chris Buckley for organising the event and to the members that made the effort to attend. I hope to see many more at the next event which takes place at Perris Archery in July - details are on the Coaching News page.

Alan Munson
ECAA President

Alex passes his Judging Exams

Alex Purser has passed his County Judging Practical Assessment at Cambridge today (12 May).

Alex started judging last year and has progressed very well, attending and passing his written exam earlier in the year

Now he has passed his practical exam he becomes a County Judge.

Alex is seen here presenting Michael Judd with a trophy at the County Shoot in his role as County Chairman.

Congratulations Alex - keep up the good work

Presidents Message

When I  was asked by Mike Pearce if I would like to be president of the ECAA I was very surprised and honoured to be considered for the role. Mike Pearce along with Paul Clark and my club, Blue Arrows, I thank them for their nomination and support. On the day it came to a vote and I would like to thank all those that voted me into this special position.

In February 2005 I joined the Blue Arrows and in December I became the Club Secretary and I am still the club secretary! This was when I came into contact with Graham Sibley, the county secretary for 63 years. He told me as club secretary I had a job for life. “Do you think so?” I said. I now believe he was right. I have no intention of filling his shoes and I don’t think anybody can, Graham was too great a person to replace and one who is greatly missed.

Over the past 13 years I met some wonderful people and made some good friends along the way. I enjoy participating in competitions, often attending with these friends. Over the next 3 years as President I would like to visit the many clubs in Essex and Suffolk and hopefully make more new friends.

There many questions that need to be addressed ie How do we encourage and retain young people? I would like to encourage Suffolk clubs to be more involved in the running of the county. If you like would to get in contact my email address is I am looking forward to meeting everybody over the next 3 years and now summer has arrived I wish you a good shooting season.

Alan Munson
ECAA President

For more information either email Alan at or see the full message here

Richard Pilkington awarded Bronze Plaquette


Congratulations to Richard Pilkington, who in the most recent Archery GB AGM, has been awarded the societies bronze plaquette for services to judging.


Richard, as many of the county will be aware has been a National judge for several years, but fewer will know the exemplarary work that he has done on the National Judging committee in recent years.


Now that the committee has been disbanded, Richard will still be part of the national working group for Judging, working on continued development for judges across the country.


On behalf of all of Essex and Suffolk, congratulations Richard on your well deserved honour.



Chairman - Essex and Suffolk County Association